Wost passwords ever on the internet

Are you using weak passwords? You might want to check the list of the worst and most common passwords on the internet to make sure you are not missing anything…

According to Splashdata, here is a list of the worst passwords:

1/ password
2/ 123456
4/ qwerty
5/ abc123
6/ monkey
7/ 1234567
8/ letmein
9/ trustno1
10/ dragon
11/ baseball
12/ 111111
13/ iloveyou
14/ master
15/ sunshine
16/ ashley
17/ bailey
18/ passw0rd
19/ shadow
20/ 123123
21/ 654321
22/ superman
23/ qazwsx
24/ michael
25/ football

10 computer shortcuts

It might sounds simple but there is a simple way to save a lot of time: use shortcuts!

Let me give you a few shortcuts that are really useful!

5 shortcuts for Firefox:
Ctrl-K – Takes you directly to the search box

Ctrl-L or F6 – Takes you to the URL field to type in a web address (really useful!)

Ctrl-T – Opens a new tab

Ctrl-D – Bookmark the page

Ctrl-+ – Increase font size on any webpage

Ctrl-[-]- Decrease font size

Ctrl-0 [zero] – Returns font to original size

For Gmail:

c – compose a new message
#- delete (if a message is useless, just delete it!)
tab + return/enter – send message
u – return to inbox (or previous conversation list)
r – reply
a – reply all
f – forward
e – archive

What are your favorite keyboard or computer shortcuts?

You will save a lot of time by using shortcuts!