New iPhone, iTouch & iPad Adventure Game; Rocket Frenzy Set To Make Your Fingers Suffer; Calling All Nations To Unite & Fight Evil Red Army Invasion

JMT Apps has released its most recent iPhone application, Rocket Frenzy (, an adventure game which will make your thumbs sweat according to early beta testers.

“If Flight Control and Angry Birds had a forbidden child, it would be called Rocket Frenzy” says publisher of the application, which is currently available for iPad, iPhone and iTouch platforms.

Rocket Frenzy is set in the middle of a raging war between the Evil Red Army and the Blue Freedom Army. As a the head of the Blue Army’s squad of rocket & torpedo launchers, you will have to triumph on seas at the Battle of the Atlantic, fight a guerrilla in the Black Forest and use urban warfare techniques in New York City, standing up against kamikaze-style attacks by the enemy’s boats, planes and submarines. The game also includes a tutorial called “Rocket School” and a “Death Match” mode.

“We believe this is the most awesome thing invented since sliced bread”, argues JMT Apps, “and we eat of lot of bread”, they add.